Iran Waterfalls

Iran waterfalls can be divided into four types: seasonal waterfalls, multilayer waterfalls, cave waterfalls and jungle waterfalls. A brief study of the waterfalls in Iran can help us to discover 43 waterfalls in twelve provinces in mountainous regions in Iran including West Azerbaijan, Kohgilooye Boyerahmad, Lorestan, Isfahan, Ilam, Chaharmahal & Bakhtiari, Tehran, Hamadan, Ardabil, Golestan and Mazandaran provinces.

Some of these waterfalls are seasonal hut the majority of them function throughout the year. These waterfalls normally contain more water in the autumn. Some waterfalls are famous for falling in frozen regions and some are known for having improved the climate of regions. Sometimes the influence of waterfalls has been so great that have lowered the temperature drastically by creating an extraordinary atmosphere like Tobiroon Waterfall (in local dialect tobiroon means expelling the fever from the body). People in Khuzestan benefit from its water to cure patients suffered from fever. In the meantime the shape of the waterfalls differs from each other and such change attracts the tourists. An example of this waterfall is the 12-layer waterfall in Shirabad.

The following are waterfalls existing in Iran:

West Azerbaijan Province: Asiab Kharabe Waterfall.



Kohgilooye/Boyerahmad: Bahrambeigi Waterfall in Boyerahmad, Konjbanar Waterfall in Gatchsaran, Margoon Waterfall and Sisakht waterfalls.


Lorestan: Absharchckan, Dorood, Taff and Shooy waterfalls (between Dorood and Andimeshk).

dorood waterfall


Isfahan: Khazar, Kordali, Sermirom and Takht-e Soleyman waterfalls.


Ilam: Chamav, Ablaf, Dehloran and Sartaf waterfalls.

Chahrmahal and Bakhtiari: Ateshgah Waterfall 40 km away from Lordegan village and Cheshmeh Kuhrang Waterfall, Darrey-e-Eshgh Waterfall (between Darrey-e Eshq and Oorak Shapuri villages).


Tehran: Doghooloo (twin) Waterfall, Pashang Waterfall in Shirpala, Sootak Waterfall northwest of  Darband, Shekarab Waterfall in Shemiran, Lar Waterfall, Vosson Waterfall in Darband, Imamzadeh Davood Waterfall, Meygoon Waterfall, Pichadran Waterfall 15 km away from Karaj road leading to Chalus, Sangan Waterfall, Damavand frozen ice block and icy waterfall at Chalus highway.

Hamadan: Ganjnameh Waterfall at Mount Alvand in Abbasabad Valley.

Ardabil: Goorgoor Waterfall in Sheikh Safi village.


Golestan Province: Minoodasht Waterfall 20 km away from Galikesh and 5 km away from Golestan Highway and 12 waterfalls in Shirabad and Kaboodval villages.


Mazandaran: Harijan Waterfall, Amol Waterfall and Idj or Dahgholooo Waterfall.

Eskandar, Maharan, Hajjiabad Cave, Shoorshooraneh, Bibiseyedan and Soosotoon waterfalls are some other beautiful waterfalls to visit in Iran. Cave waterfalls also exist in Iran such as Borazjan Cave Waterfall.gazoo
Gazoo Waterfall near Qaemshahr, Kabuddel Waterfall and Loveh waterfalls in Golestan Province are considered as jungle waterfalls. Travelers who visit these waterfalls in rainy autumn must wear suitable shoes and waterproof coats. These waterfalls have eroded the earth beneath them and have produced rare scenes. For example Gazoo Waterfall has created a rocky semi-circle about 50 m in size around itself.

Shalmash Waterfall in Sardasht, West Azerbaijan Province and Shahandasht Waterfall in Haraz are considered as multi-layer waterfalls.Kamard Waterfall in Tehran and Dossari Waterfall in Jiroft are seasonal waterfalls which are dry in spring and summer.


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