Persian Carpet

Iranian rugs ( persian carpet ) have a long history. From ancient items, the Iranians have been weaving rugs and other floor mats. According to historiographers, travelers and historical records Iranian peasants and nomadic tribesmen have been weaving carpets from ancient times. The oldest Iranian rug was a small rug with genuine Achaemenid patterns which was discovered by archeologists in the frozen grave of a Sogdian army commander at Pazyryk Valley 80 km away from Outer Mongolia. Researchers believe that this rug is a Median or Parthian hand-woven carpet. From ancient times Iranian rugs have been trading rugs. In his book about Cyrus the Xenophon, the Greek historian, says the Iranians are spreading rugs under themselves in order to have a soft cushion to on it. A Chinese almanac says during the Sassanid Period Iranian woolen rugs were exported to China. The immense Baharestan Rug in the Ctesiphon Palace has been lauded much in the post-Islamic literature. The art of carpet weaving reached a peak during the Safavid period. Right now 40 percent of the Iranian carpets are exported from East Azerbaijan province.

persian carpet

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