Pasargadae, Shiraz, UNESCO Site

Pasargadae is located in Shiraz and within Zagros Mountains at the distance of 130 kilometers of the northern part of the province.

Pasargadae has a great importance because of the Tomb of Cyrus the Great existence in it who was one of the greatest and most important kings of Achaemenid Empire.



The history of Pasargadae

Achaemenid had been born in a land called Pasargadae. The Achaemenid dynasty triumphed Medes in 550 BC. Cyrus II chose the capital of the region based on tradition, because it was near to a region where they achieved a victory against Astyages, the last king of Medes dynasty. This victory led to victories such as overcoming Lydia, Neo-Babylon, and Egypt. Darius the Great built his symbolic capital city in Parse city in 70 km south of Pasargadae.

Archaeological Sites of Pasargadae belong to three special historical periods

  • Monuments of prehistoric and pre-Achaemenid
  • Monuments of Achaemenid era
  • Monuments after Islam

The Cyrus Great tomb has two parts

  • A senary stepped stone bench
  • A four small walled area of 7.5 square meters

The Gate of Winged man Palace

This palace is located in an area of 726 square meters in southeastern part of Pasargadae plain. The building has an area of 586 square meters hall that eight columns with a height of approximately 16 meters used to keep it.

This hall used to have two man ports in the northwest and southeast and two in northeast and southwest parts. These ports had been 9 meters high and today just a pillar from northeast part of it remains. On this pillar a human figure with four wings has been sculpted. This figure had a trilingual inscription with a theme of “I am the Achaemenid Cyrus” until 1864. The inscription vanished years later. This Palace is very similar to the Gate of All Nations Palace in Persepolis.

The Exclusive Palace

This palace is located in a distance of 1300 meters northwest of the Tomb of Cyrus and has 3192 square meters extent. The design and architectural details of the palace nominate it as a dedicated monument.

The levee Palace

The palace was built in a place that is away from private palace. The Palace size is 2472 square meters and is built in northwest – southeast orientation. The palace is composed of some parts: 1- an eight columned broad hall, 2- the central hall which connects the porch through for ports. The port and porch columns were made of black stones, 3- the northwest port that is the visitors’ entrance, with a figure of human and eagle foot that connects to a 16 columns porch. And the north-eastern port that was linked to the largest palace and had 48 columns. And the last one is the southeast port that is against the current entrance. The port with human, fish and cow figure connects to a porch with 16 columns. In this porch just one pillar has been left and has one of the oldest Cuneiform inscriptions.

The other monuments are Tale Takht, Solomon’s Prison, monuments of the first period from the time of Cyrus the Great and monuments from The second period of Darius the Great.


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