IranWanderlust Story

The idea for creating and launching travel website directory for Iran began in 2012. The co-founder Omid Taebi (who was an IT student at that time in the United Kingdom) was asked always by his friends and his professors to talk about Iranians, people culture and so other items such as places, languages, ethics, etc. Thus Omid was encouraged to study specifically in the field of travel websites about all over the world. Then he succeeded to publish his book.

After he returned Iran he started to collect the information and find the best colleagues to form the IranWanderlust group in order to do his moral responsibility to Iran. In 2016 he finally prospered to launch the website which was named with the best specialists in different fields such as tourism expert, content generating expert, digital marketer, photographer, editor, counselor, and translator. Then in 2017, the name changed to,  also all social pages and app altered to IranWanderlust name. Wanderlust is “a strong desire to travel to different places” according to Longman dictionary.

IranWanderlust is a good source for the different tourists who aim to travel to Iran or want to get to know more about the culture and interesting places of Iran. Also, it could be a website for who live abroad and are interested to know more about their homeland.

It is hoped this website could give you a sense of satisfaction and be a full reference of your traveling to Iran.

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