Hekmataneh& Museum (Ecbatana), Hamadan

The giant hill (4 hectares) was used as a famous Median Fortress during the 7th century BC. The fortress and the town were expanded by the Achaemenid and Parthian kings. A French team of archaeologists was dispatched when they traveled to Iran and Hamadan in 1913 to inspect Tappeh Hekmataneh. The inspection revealed many golden vessels from Achaemenid, Parthian and Islamic periods some of which are being preserved in the Tappeh Hekmataneh museum.

HekmatanehA ski resort 15 km south of Hamadan on Mount Alvand at Tarik Darreh has a length of 4 km and 25-degree slope. The ski resort operates from December until March and is equipped with a lift and guesthouse.

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