Grand Bazaar, Tehran

The Grand Bazaar is an old historical market in Tehran. It is located in southern Tehran.

The Grand Bazaar Tehran With the other historical buildings around, such as Imam Mosque (old name: Masjed Shah), the central mosque (Masjed Jaame) and etc.


The Grand Bazaar is one of the most important historical places in Tehran. According to the available evidences, the original building of Bazaar dates back to Shah Tahmasp I, and along with the construction of the fort and city gates of Tehran (1524 AD).Bazaar Tehran Apparently four markets of Labbafha, Karaji-doozha, saddlers and na’l-chi-ha, are the oldest parts of the Grand Bazaar. Many other parts were built during the reign of FathAli-Shah, Naser-al-din Shah and other Qajar kings. Today old and interesting parts of it are the head near Sabze Meydan, Amir Bazaar, Chahar soogh bozorg, Hajeb-al-dole TimCarpetche, Gheisarie, Mahdie and so on. We recommend you to visit Imam Mosque (Masjed Shah) and the central mosque.

There are a lot of other historical places near the Grand Bazaar that would be worthy to visit. For example; Golestan Palace (Roseland Palace) near Sabze Meydan that is the former royal Qajar complex in Tehran. Also, you can visit old streets and alleys near Bazaar. If you have a day for visiting the Grand Bazaar, there are a lot of museums and historical sites near it that can make an attractive trip for you.

What to buy?

Iranian carpets, antiques, silver made things, jewels, gold, dried fruits, nuts, Saffron, fabric, leather, handicrafts, and most of the souvenirs from different cities of Iran and many other interesting things are found in the Grand Bazaar. You can bargain in most of the shops and the prices are different due to the value of the things you buy.


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