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Atash Behram | Yazd |

Atash Behram, Yazd

Zoroastrians fire temple is also known as Atash Behram. one of them is located in Yazd city.

Atash BehramZoroastrians fire temple is also known as Atash Behram. At the time of Sasanian Empire, three full honor and glory fires due to their antiquity have more dignity and reputation so they are called the victory fire. Atash Behram was hidden in a cave on Shegeft Mazdan Mount for 30 years. Then it was replaced for two hundred years in Zoroastrian villages around Yazd.

The Yazd Fire Temple has got place in Yazd city and belongs to Zoroastrians. It has a beautiful garden and a building which is structured in the last century.

The Fire Temple building is composed of what parts?

The main building is located in the middle of the yard and a large circular pool is located at the center entrance. The stone capitals of the building are made by Isfahan artists that are inspired from Parsian fire temples in India. The building was built in the first Pahlavi era. The Farvahar picture and the stony capitals have given special beauty to the building. The fire is placed in a big bronze container in a glass case above the ground level in a relatively large room, away from sunlight. And different rooms are designed around it for praying.

What are the manners of entrancing this temple?

Pureness of men and women is very important. Men need to log in with a white hat and women with white scarves and bright colored clothes and no shoes required.

Where is Yazd Fire Temple located?

It is located in Ayatollah Kashani Street in Atashkade alley. You can find details on map.


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